Hosted Security Scanning
Automated Vulnerability Scanning Services.

How It Works

The OpenVAS scanner is a comprehensive vulnerability assessment system that can detect security issues in all manner of servers and network devices. Cut costs and use our cloud hosted and managed version of the OpenVAS software to easily test your Internet infrastructure. All of our servers are updated 'daily' so you can be confident that the threat and issues being examined are the most upto date available.

Remember our
externally hosted servers give you the same perspective as an attacker, allowing you or your staff to start re-mediating any risks your systems face from external threats without the overhead of managing the scanning infrastructure.

Our servers will perform the following tasks:

1. Port Scan - We will investigate all services on all ports on all web servers (web, FTP, mail, Exchange and SQL) plus your firewalls. Whether you have just a blog, or a complex network, we'll find your open ports and detect what services are running on those ports.

2. Vulnerability Scan - At every open port we'll identify every service present and determine how it is configured. These services and configurations are compared to our database of thousands of vulnerabilities. If there is a potential vulnerability, we will actively test it to determine if a weakness exists.

3. Web Site Scan - Our tools will crawl every page of your site and tests every possible entry point against every family of security risk. We have the most in-depth, automated testing for SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) available.

4. Reporting - Our detailed report classifies the risks discovered according to their potential severity. Executive summaries track your overall security 'grade' over time and your progress in eliminating issues.

5. Analysis - Each report includes recommendations on how to handle each security risk.

  • Site Owners: You can use our reports to evaluate hosts and service providers. Get the specifics your staff and vendors need to take action and the documentation you need to confirm repairs.
  • For Hosts and IT staff: Use our reports to appraise decision makers of the importance of security issues and provide proof that all issues are resolved and your site is clean.

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