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UDP Top 100 Port Scan

A simple UDP Port Scan to quickly determine the status of an Internet facing service or firewall, using the popular Nmap Port Scanning tool. Served from multiple globally hosted servers.

Note that this scan will test for Nmaps Top 100 most commonly used ports.

This tools is FREE to use but are subject to a daily query limit for unregistered users. You have used 0 queries of your 50 query daily limit restriction, you can remove this restriction by registering with one of our cost effective plans.

Security implications of open UDP services

UDP port scans should not be ignored by testers as they can leave an organization vulnerable to a number of different attacks, these include exploitable services that can lead to remote execution or even legitimate common services such as NTP and DNS can be used for DDOS reflection attacks.

Understanding what services are open through the firewall is an important part of any security vulnerability assessment.

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